Greatest Hits (2008-2015)

True Mathematics - Greatest Hits (Vinyl-1988) (2)Combinatorics and More’s Greatest Hits (April 2008- February 2015)

First Month

Combinatorics, Mathematics, Academics, Polemics, …
Helly’s Theorem, “Hypertrees”, and Strange Enumeration I (There were 3 follow up posts:)
Extremal Combinatorics I: Extremal Problems on Set Systems (There were 4 follow up posts II III; IV; VI)
Rationality, Economics and Games

Open problems

Five Open Problems Regarding Convex Polytopes
Seven Problems Around Tverberg’s Theorem
F ≤ 4E
The AC0 Prime Number Conjecture
Coloring Simple Polytopes and Triangulations
Some old and new problems in combinatorics and geometry
Noise Stability and Threshold Circuits

Taxi and other Stories

Cosmonaut: Michal Linial
Michal Linial: No Witches in Portugal
Tel-Aviv’s “Jerusalem Beach”
Coffee, Cigarettes, and Aggression


Ziegler´s Lecture on the Associahedron 
The Simplex, the Cyclic polytope, the Positroidron, the Amplituhedron, and Beyond
Satoshi Murai and Eran Nevo proved the Generalized Lower Bound Conjecture.
Telling a Simple Polytope From its Graph


When Do a Few Colors Suffice?
Fractional Sylvester-Gallai
My Mathematical Dialogue with Jürgen Eckhoff
Influence, Threshold, and Noise


A Few Slides and a Few Comments From My MIT Lecture on Quantum Computers
Why Quantum Computers Cannot Work: The Movie!
Symplectic Geometry, Quantization, and Quantum Noise
Aaronson and Arkhipov’s Result on Hierarchy Collapse


Is Backgammon in P?
Four Derandomization Problems
Navier-Stokes Fluid Computers
Subexponential Lower Bound for Randomized Pivot Rules!
Impagliazzo’s Multiverse

Economics and Rationality

Arrow’s Economics 1
Social Choice Talk

Sex, football, and other sports

Academic Degrees and Sex
The Intermediate Value Theorem Applied to Football
Is More Sex Safe? A book review.

Guests posts

Emmanuel Abbe: Erdal Arıkan’s Polar Codes
János Pach: Guth and Katz’s Solution of Erdős’s Distinct Distances Problem
Amir Ban on Deep Junior
About Conjectures: Shmuel Weinberger
(Eran Nevo) The g-Conjecture I
Christine Bjorner: The Golden Room and the Golden Mountain


What does “beyond a reasonable doubt” practically mean?
Would you decide the election if you could?
The Generation Gap


Happy Birthday Richard Stanley!
Happy Birthday Ron Aharoni!
Nati’s Influence

Polymath and online research

The Polynomial Hirsch Conjecture: A proposal for Polymath3
Polymath 8 – a Success!
Polymath8: Bounded Gaps Between Primes
Mathematics, Science, and Blogs
Polymath1: Success!


Chess can be a Game of Luck
Amy Triumphs* at the Shtetl

Test your intuition

Test Your Intuition (17): What does it Take to Win Tic-Tac-Toe
Mittag-Leffler Institute and Yale, Winter 2005; Test your intuition: Who Played the Piano?


The Amitsur-Levitzki Theorem for a Non Mathematician.
About Mathematics
Can Category Theory Serve as the Foundation of Mathematics?
Buffon’s Needle and the Perimeter of Planar Sets of Constant Width
A Few Mathematical Snapshots from India (ICM2010)
The Beauty of Mathematics


Answer: Lord Kelvin, The Age of the Earth, and the Age of the Sun
Itamar Pitowsky: Probability in Physics, Where does it Come From?


Two Math Riddles
The Ultimate Riddle
Greg’s Dinosaurs Riddle

Discussions of various kinds

When It Rains It Pours
Why is mathematics possible?
Chomskian Linguistics (The phrase “more or less” in various languages)


The Kadison-Singer Conjecture has beed Proved by Adam Marcus, Dan Spielman, and Nikhil Srivastava
Francisco Santos Disproves the Hirsch Conjecture
Amazing: Peter Keevash Constructed General Steiner Systems and Designs
Exciting News on Three Dimensional Manifolds
Roth’s Theorem: Tom Sanders Reaches the Logarithmic Barrier
Greg Kuperberg: It is in NP to Tell if a Knot is Knotted! (under GRH!)
From Oberwolfach: The Topological Tverberg Conjecture is False
New Ramanujan Graphs!


Celebrations in Sweden and Norway
Mabruk Elon, India, and More


A Proof by Induction with a Difficulty
In how many ways you can chose a committee of three students from a class of ten students?

MathOverflow related

Fundamental Examples
Why are Planar Graphs so Exceptional
Joel David Hamkins’ 1000th MO Answer is Coming
Joe’s 100th MO question

Gina says

My Book: “Gina Says,” Adventures in the Blogosphere String War
Anat Lotan: Who is Gina I
Anat Lotan: Who is Gina II, My Own Shocking Revelation
Praise For ‘Gina says’

Humor (?)

Believing that the Earth is Round When it Matters
Annotating Kimmo Eriksson’s Poem

Public service

Optimism – two quotes
The Simplified Pill Algorithm

Useful links

Stand Clear of The Closing Doors, Please


Ilan and me
Geometry, Equality, and Luck

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