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Bad Advice; An Answer to an Old Trivia Question

  A transparency and a lecture using transparencies. (No relation to the advice.)

Our bad, worse and worst advice corner 

Bad  –  When you give a talk with transparencies or computer presentations, don’t go over the content of the transparencies but rather assume that the audience reads and digests them while you develop the matter even further and make comments about their content.

Worse – The same as above, except that the transparencies are very dense and technical and hard to understand.

Worst – The same as above except that the transparencies are handwritten in an unreadable way. 


Answer to Trivia question:

Q: What do Yehuda Agnon, Michael Ben-Or, Ehud Lehrer, Uzi Segal (whose calibration theorem was mentioned in the post on the controversy around expected utility theory), Mike Werman, myself, and quite a few others, all have in common?




Answer: We all, (and altogether more than 20 students) took part in Continue reading