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Polymath 10 Emergency Post 5: The Erdos-Szemeredi Sunflower Conjecture is Now Proven.

While slowly writing Post 5 (now planned to be Post 6) of our polymath10 project on the Erdos-Rado sunflower conjecture, the very recent proof (see this post) that cap sets have  exponentially small density has changed matters greatly! It implies … Continue reading

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Analysis of Boolean Functions – Week 7

Lecture 11 The Cap Set problem We presented Meshulam’s  bound for the maximum number of elements in a subset A of not containing a triple x,y,x of distinct elements whose sum is 0. The theorem is analogous to Roth’s theorem … Continue reading

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Tentative Plans and Belated Updates II

Elementary school reunion: Usually, I don’t write about personal matters over the blog, but having (a few weeks ago) an elementary school reunion after 42 years was a moving and exciting event as to consider making an exception. For now, here … Continue reading

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