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To cheer you up in difficult times 12: Asaf Ferber and David Conlon found new lower bounds for diagonal Ramsey numbers

Update (Sept. 28): Yuval Wigderson has made a further improvement on the multicolor Ramsey number bound for more than three colors. Lower bounds for multicolor Ramsey numbers The Ramsey number r(t; ℓ) is the smallest natural number n such that … Continue reading

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The Brown-Erdős-Sós 1973 Conjecture

Greetings from Oberwolfach.  This week, there is a great meeting here on combinatorics. In this post I want to state the Brown-Erdős-Sós conjecture and one of its variants. The trigger was a beautiful talk I heard from Lior Gishboliner on … Continue reading

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Jacob Fox, David Conlon, and Benny Sudakov: Vast Improvement of our Knowledge on Unavoidable Patterns in Words

I heard a lecture by Benny Sudakov on the remarkable paper  Tower-type bounds for unavoidable patterns in words, by David Conlon, Jacob Fox, and Benny Sudakov.  Here are the slides, and let me let the slides speak for themselves. The problem

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