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A Wonderful Paper by Igor Pak: Complexity Problems in Enumerative Combinatorics

Greetings from Sa Pa in the very north of Vietnam. Let me recommend a  great thought-provoking paper by Igor Pak:  Complexity problems in enumerative combinatorics. As Igor wrote on his blog: Well, I finally finished my ICM paper. It’s only 30 … Continue reading

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What can the Second Prize Possibly be?

You are guaranteed to win one of the following five prizes, the letter says. (And it is completely free! Just 6 dollars shipping and handling.) a) a high-definition huge-screen TV, b) a video camera, c) a yacht, d) a decorative … Continue reading

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Powers of Euler Products and Han’s Marked Hook Formula

I heard from Dan Romik and Richard Stanley about a very exciting development in enumerative combinatorics. It is quite amazing how new uncharted sections of the gold mine of tableaux, hooks, partitions, and permutations are repeatedly being discovered. Guo-Niu HAN … Continue reading

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