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Frankl’s Conjecture for Large Families: Ilan Karpas’ Proof

Frankl’s conjecture asserts that a for every finite family of of finite sets that is closed under union, there is an element that belongs to at least half the sets in the family. We mentioned the problem in our very … Continue reading

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Ilan Karpas: Frankl’s Conjecture for Large Families

Frankl’s conjecture Frankl’s conjecture is the following: Let be a finite family of finite subsets of which is closed under union, namely,  if then also . Then there exists an element which belongs to at least half the sets in . … Continue reading

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1. About: My name is Gil Kalai and I am a mathematician working mainly in the field of Combinatorics.  Within combinatorics, I work mainly on geometric combinatorics and the study of convex polytopes and related objects, and on the analysis of Boolean functions … Continue reading

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