Banknotes with Pictures of Mathematicians

Are you aware of any? (current ones? old ones?)

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12 Responses to Banknotes with Pictures of Mathematicians

  1. mike says:

    this sounds like what your looking for:

  2. tobiasosborne says:

    Dear Gil,

    The only one I’m aware of is the old zehn Deutsche mark bill which features Gauss:

    I guess there’s probably more…


  3. Rod Carvalho says:

    I don’t know of banknotes, but I know of coins. For example, before the Euro was introduced in Portugal in 2002, the old 100 escudos coin featured Pedro Nunes (1502-1578) who was a Portuguese mathematician and cosmographer.

  4. shmuel says:

    Isn’t Euler on the Swiss?

  5. shmuel says:

    Apologies to Mike. I should have read his comment first. Nice link.

  6. Can says:

    The 10 Turkish Lira banknotes ( has an equation of the mathematician Cahit Arf.

  7. Taral says:

    Niels Henrik Abel on the old Norwegian 500 kroner banknote.

  8. Gil Kalai says:

    Thanks all. It was a pleasant surprise to see Arf on a 10 Turkish Lira banknote. (See next post. Clicking on the 10 Lira picture there will take you to a recent breakthrough regarding Arf invariants.)

  9. Vania says:

    Sadly, the latest issue of the Swiss ten franc note has replaced Euler with architect Le Corbusier.

  10. weelll i rilly love to read about stuff like this it is very interesting even know i am onley 12 !!!!!

  11. hi well just like courtney i really love to read i guess this stuff is very interesting i am 12 2 me and courtney are like best friends she is one of my best friends i have 4

  12. Gil Kalai says:

    Dear Cortney and Kristen
    Thanks you! Twelve years old kids are most welcome on this blog.

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