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Academic Degrees and Sex

“251 Mercer street” I said, “it is in the village,” “I know that” said the driver “are you going to NYU?” “Yes” I said. I was going to give a lecture at Ricky and Eli’s Tuesday evening’s Geometry Seminar and came … Continue reading

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Annotating Kimmo Eriksson’s Poem

“Start counting her NUMBER OF FACES,” Kimmo Eriksson, Brush up your Björner (2008). The time is right to annotate Kimmo Eriksson’s memorable poem: 1. What are Chip firing games? Many women will find it admirable if you tell her she … Continue reading

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Brush Up Your Björner:

  Just returning from a conference in Stockholm. BRUSH UP YOUR BJÖRNER (Cole Porter: Brush up your Shakespeare – new lyrics by Kimmo Eriksson) The girls today in society go for great mathematics, see. So to win their hearts you … Continue reading

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Is More Sex Safe? A book review.

I was asked by the Notices of the AMS to review the book “More Sex is Safe Sex: The Unconventional Wisdom  of Econmics” by Steven E. Landsburg.  My review entitled “Economics and Common Sense”, will appeared in the June/July issue of the Notices and … Continue reading

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