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Ehud Friedgut: How many cubes of 2×2×2 fit into a box of size 8×4×3? (TYI 49)

This blog post is kindly written by Ehud Friedgut. My daughter, Shiri, who’s in seventh grade, had the following question in a math exam: How many cubes of 2×2×2 fit into a box of size 8×4×3? Shiri divided the volumes, … Continue reading

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Open problem session of HUJI-COMBSEM: Problem #3, Ehud Friedgut – Independent sets and Lionel Levine’s infamous hat problem.

Here are the two problems presented by Ehud Friedgut. The first arose by Friedgut, Kindler, and me in the context of studying  Lionel Levine’s infamous hat problem. The second is Lionel Levine’s infamous hat problem. Ehud Friedgut with a few … Continue reading

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Preview: The solution by Keller and Lifshitz to several open problems in extremal combinatorics

Peter Frankl (right) and Zoltan Furedi The news A new paper by Nathan Keller and Noam Lifshitz settles several open problems in extremal combinatorics for wide range of parameters. Those include the three problems we mention next. Three central open … Continue reading

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Ehud Friedgut: Blissful ignorance and the Kahneman-Tversky paradox

Tversky, Kahneman, and Gili Bar-Hillel (WikiPedia). Taken by Maya Bar-Hillel at Stanford, summer 1979.   The following post was kindly contributed by Ehud Friedgut. During the past week I’ve been reading, and greatly enjoying Daniel Kahneman’s brilliant book “Thinking fast … Continue reading

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Mittag-Leffler Institute and Yale, Winter 2005; Test your intuition: Who Played the Piano?

This is a little “flashback” intermission in my posts about my debate with Aram Harrow. This time I try to refer to Cris Moore’s question regarding  the motivation for my study. For the readers it gives an opportunity to win a … Continue reading

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The Simonovits-Sos Conjecture was Proved by Ellis, Filmus and Friedgut

Simonovits and Sos asked: Let be a family of graphs with N={1,2,…,n} as the set of vertices. Suppose that every two graphs in the family have a triangle in common. How large can be? (We talked about it in this post.) … Continue reading

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Ehud Friedgut: Murphy’s Law of Breastfeeding Twins

This post is authored by Ehud Friedgut. Congratulations to Keren, Ehud and Michal for the birth of Shiri and Hillel! Murphy’s law of breastfeeding twins, like all of Murphy’s laws, is supported by strong empirical evidence. The twins’ feeding rhythm … Continue reading

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Extremal Combinatorics on Permutations

We talked about extremal problems for set systems: collections of subsets of an element sets, – Sperner’s theorem, the Erdos-Ko-Rado theorem, and quite a few more. (See here, here and here.) What happens when we consider collections of permutations rather than … Continue reading

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