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The Trifference Problem

Originally posted on Anurag's Math Blog:
What is the largest possible size of a set of ternary strings of length , with the property that for any three distinct strings in , there is a position where they all…

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Greatest Hits 2015-2022, Part II

This is the second part of Greatest Hits 2015-2022, Part I. Here are popular and favorite posts published in 2019-2022. 2019 Supremacy and Sensitivity (and Sunflowers) Test your intuition 38 was contributed in March 2019 by my youngest son Lior. … Continue reading

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Greatest Hits 2015-2022, Part I

In February 2015 I wrote a post on the blog’s greatest hits in the first seven years, and its time to write a similar post for the eight years that followed. Quick updates: In recent months I took part in … Continue reading

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Tel Aviv University Theory Fest is Starting Tomorrow

Tel Aviv University Theory Fest, December 26-December 28 2022. Cryptography workshop @ TAU TheoryFest December 29, 2022 TAU 2022 TheoryFest, December 26-28, 2022 The Theory of Computing was born as a purely mathematical investigation into the notion of computation. From … Continue reading

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Alef’s Corner


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A Nice Example Related to the Frankl Conjecture

Update: Peter Frankl brought to my attention that the very same example appeared in a paper by Dynkin and Frankl “Extremal sets of subsets satisfying conditions induced by a graph“. The example As a follow up to my previous post … Continue reading

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Amazing: Justin Gilmer gave a constant lower bound for the union-closed sets conjecture

Frankl’s conjecture (aka the union closed sets conjecture) asserts that if is a family of subsets of [n] (=: ) which is closed under union then there is an element such that Justin Gilmer just proved an amazing weaker form … Continue reading

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Barnabás Janzer: Rotation inside convex Kakeya sets

Barnabás Janzer studied the following question: Suppose we have convex body in that contains a copy of a convex body in every orientation. Is it always possible to move any one copy of to another copy of , keeping inside … Continue reading

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Inaugural address at the Hungarian Academy of Science: The Quantum Computer – A Miracle or Mirage

(Picture: János Pach) The Quantum Computer – A Miracle or Mirage inaugural address of Gil Kalai honorary member of the MTA, Budapest, 15 June, 2022, 15:00 Abstract: On February 12, 2002, Michel Devoret’s lecture entitled “The Quantum Computers: Miracle or … Continue reading

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Remarkable: “Limitations of Linear Cross-Entropy as a Measure for Quantum Advantage,” by Xun Gao, Marcin Kalinowski, Chi-Ning Chou, Mikhail D. Lukin, Boaz Barak, and Soonwon Choi

In this post I would like to report about an important paper (posted Dec. 2021) by Xun Gao, Marcin Kalinowski, Chi-Ning Chou, Mikhail D. Lukin, Boaz Barak, and Soonwon Choi. (I am thankful to Xun Gao and  Boaz Barak for … Continue reading

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