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Video of my ICM2018 lecture: Noise Stability, Noise Sensitivity, and the Quantum Computer Puzzle

The Video of my ICM2018 lecture is now on the air Here are the (slightly improved) slides. I made the mistake of trying to improve my slides in the evening before the lecture and in the morning I discovered that … Continue reading

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Alef’s Corner: Garbanzo Poisson process

Alef’s previous corner: There is still a small gap in the proof.  

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ICM2018: Closing Ceremonies

With Peter Sarnak, Stas Smirnov, and Tadashi Tokieda at  Sugar Loaf (Pão de Açúcar), Rio. At Sugar Loaf with Stas and Edward Dunne This is my second report from ICM 2018. Some acronyms are used in this post. ICM = … Continue reading

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An Improved Bound for Weak Epsilon-Nets in the Plane, by Nathan Rubin, is on the arXive

The paper An Improved Bound for Weak Epsilon-Nets in the Plane, by Nathan Rubin is now on the arxive. we mentioned  the result in this post, and the problem in this post (my very first) over Tao’s blog What’s New. … Continue reading

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ICM2018 First Report

I just came back from Rio from a great congress. Many great talks and many exciting meetings with old and new friends.  I had planned to live-blog on the last four days of the congress but on Monday evening I … Continue reading

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ICM 2018 at Rio, ICM Trivia Questions, the Sao Paulo General Assembly Meeting, and Other Excitements

ICM-trivia questions You can test yourself in the questions below and then look at the Wikipedea article for the answers. Mondial – scale excitements are here again! Not since the Mondial’s final match between France and Croatia,  has an excitement … Continue reading

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Building Bridges II, and Rio ICM 2018

In this post I will talk about Building Bridges II – last week conference in Budapest, about my talk and Lex Schrijver’s talk at the conference, about two old videotaped lectures in Microsoft Research (and a prize carrying competition), and … Continue reading

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Test Your Intuition 35: What is the Limiting Distance?

(Just heard it today from Sergiu Hart.) At time t=0, point A is at the origin (0,0) and point B is distance 1 appart at (0,1). A moves to the right (on the x-axis) with velocity 1  and B moves … Continue reading

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Beyond the g-conjecture – algebraic combinatorics of cellular spaces I

The g-conjecture for spheres is surely the one single conjecture I worked on more than on any other, and also here on the blog we had a sequence of posts about it by Eran Nevo (I,II,III,IV). Here is a great … Continue reading

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An Interview with Yisrael (Robert) Aumann

I was privileged to join Menachem Yaari and Sergiu Hart in interviewing Yisrael Aumann.  The interview is in Hebrew. It is an initiative of the Israel Academy of Sciences and the Humanities. For our non Hebrew speakers here is in … Continue reading

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