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Reflections: On the Occasion of Ron Adin’s and Yuval Roichman’s Birthdays, and FPSAC 2021

Two hybrid conferences, Bar-Ilan University:Monday, January 10,2022 10:00-16:00 (Israel time) Reflections: On the occasion of Ron Adin’s and Yuval Roichman’s 60th Birthdays. FPSAC 2021 Starting  Monday, January 10,2022 16:30 (Israel time). Ending Thursday, January 20, 2022.

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ICM 2018 Rio (5) Assaf Naor, Geordie Williamson and Christian Lubich

This is my fifth and last report from ICM 2018 at Rio. I will talk a little about the three Wednesday plenary talks by Assaf Naor, Geordie Williamson, and Christian Lubich. See here for other posts about ICM2018. (For the … Continue reading

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Test your intuition 47: AGC-GTC-TGC-GTC-TGC-GAC-GATC-? what comes next in the sequence?

Before getting to the main topic of this post, first, Happy New Year 2022 and Merry Christmas to all readers, and second, a quick update: A community blog to discuss open problems in algebraic combinatorics was created. Everybody is invited … Continue reading

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Cheerful news in difficult times: Richard Stanley wins the Steele Prize for lifetime achievement!

Richard Stanley, a most famous and influential mathematician in my area of combinatorics, the master of finding deep connections between combinatorics and other areas of pure mathematics, and my postdoctoral advisor, has just won the Steele prize for lifetime achievement, … Continue reading

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Combinatorial Theory is Born

A few hours ago the first issue of Combinatorial Theory was published. I am happy and proud to take part in this new endeavor. The editorial speaks for itself. This is the first issue of our new journal, Combinatorial Theory. … Continue reading

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To cheer you up in difficult times 34: Ringel Circle Problem solved by James Davies, Chaya Keller, Linda Kleist, Shakhar Smorodinsky, and Bartosz Walczak

Gerhard Ringel considered in 1959 the following: Consider a finite family of circles such that every point in the plane is included in at most two circles. What is the minimum number of colors needed to color the circles so … Continue reading

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Good Codes papers are on the arXiv

Here are some links to the breakthrough papers about error correcting codes that I mentioned in this post. The results about locally testable codes with constant rate distance and locality was achieved independently in papers 1 and 2.  1) Locally … Continue reading

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To cheer you up in difficult times 33: Deep learning leads to progress in knot theory and on the conjecture that Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomials are combinatorial.

One of the exciting directions regarding applications of computers in mathematics is to use them to experimentally form new conjectures. Google’s DeepMind launched an endeavor for using machine learning (and deep learning in particular) for finding conjectures based on data. Two … Continue reading

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The Logarithmic Minkowski Problem

The logarithmic origin of Manhattan We are spending the fall semester in NYC at NYU and yesterday* I went to lunch with two old friends Deane Yang and Gaoyong Zhang. They told me about the logarithmic Minkowski problem, presented in the … Continue reading

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Face to face talks and recorded videotaped introductions

Many face to face activities are now resuming. Last week I took part in a great conference on high dimensional expanders at the Simons Foundation, I recently gave real life talks with large audiences also in U. Chicago and Rutgers, … Continue reading

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