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ICM 2022. Kevin Buzzard: The Rise of Formalism in Mathematics

In this post I would like to report on Kevin Buzzard’s spectacular lecture on moving mathematics toward formal mathematical proofs.  (Here are the slides.) The picture above is based on images from the other spectacular Saturday morning lecture by Laure … Continue reading

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ICM 2022: Langlands Day

ICM 2022 is running virtually and you can already watch all the videos of past lectures at the IMU You-Tube channel, and probably even if you are not among the 7,000 registered participants you can see them “live” on You-Tube … Continue reading

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ICM 2022 awarding ceremonies (1)

Hugo Duminil-Copin, June Huh, James Maynard and Maryna Viazovska were awarded the Fields Medal 2022 and Mark Braverman was awarded the Abacus Medal 2022. I am writing from Helsinki where I attended the meeting of the General Assembly of the … Continue reading

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