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Boolean Functions: Influence, Threshold, and Noise

Here is the written version of my address at the 7ECM last July in Berlin. Boolean functions, Influence, threshold, and Noise Trying to follow an example of a 1925 lecture by Landau (mentioned in the lecture), the writing style is very … Continue reading

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Laci Babai Visits Israel!

  I am sure that every one of the readers of this blog heard about Laci Babai’s quasi-polynomial algorithm for graph isomorphism and also the recent drama about it: A mistake pointed out by Harald Helfgott,  a new sub-exponential but … Continue reading

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Polymath10 conclusion

The Polymath10 project on the Erdos-Rado Delta-System conjecture took place over this blog from November 2015 to May 2016. I aimed for an easy-going project that people could participate calmly aside from their main research efforts and  the duration of … Continue reading

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Is Heads-Up Poker in P?

Five years ago I wrote a post entitled Is Backgammon in P? It was based on conversations with Peter Bro Miltersen and Uri Zwick (shown together in the above picture) about the computational complexity of computing the values (and equilibrium … Continue reading

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The Median Game

Update: Apparently this game was invented already by Douglas Hofstadter who called it  “Mediocrity” and it is published in Hofstadter’s book Metamagical Themas: Questing for the Essence of Mind and Pattern. It is also called “Hruska.” (See here and here.) Ehud Friedgut … Continue reading

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International mathematics graduate studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

I am very happy to announce that a Ph. D program in mathematics for international students at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem is now open. Here is the link to the home page. About the program The Einstein Institute of … Continue reading

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