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Exciting Beginning-of-the-Year Activities and Seminars.

Let me mention two talks with very promising news by friends of the blog, Karim Adiprasito and Noam Lifshitz. As always, with the beginning of the academic year there are a lot of exciting activities,  things are rather hectic around,  … Continue reading

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Alef’s Corner: T-Shirts

The artist behind Alef’s corner has now a website offering over 100 T-shirt designs. In addition to a few pictures related to  mathematics there are many in a few other categories: “Jazz,” “Urban,” “Nature,” “Signature design,” and “Sea”. Here are … Continue reading

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ICM 2018 Rio (3) – Coifman, Goldstein, Kronheimer and Mrowka, and the Four Color Theorem

This post is my third report from ICM 2018. You may remember that I had planned to live-blog on the last four days of the congress but on Monday evening I realized that this was an unrealistic task and decided … Continue reading

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Ricky and Branko

Two dear friends, and great geometers, Ricky Pollack and Branko Grünbaum  passed away a few weeks ago. Ricky was a close friend that both Mazi my wife and I loved, and we were both fascinated by his wisdom, charm and … Continue reading

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