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To cheer you up in difficult times 29: Free will, predictability and quantum computers

I wrote a paper, in Hebrew, entitled “Free will, predictability and quantum computers.” Click for the pdf file (Version of Nov. 25, 2021; orig. version). As you probably know, the free will problem is the apparent contradiction between the fact … Continue reading

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Alef’s corner: Mathematical research

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Let me tell you about three of my recent papers

  Let me tell you briefly about three of my papers that were recently accepted for publication. Relative Leray numbers via spectral sequences with Roy Meshulam, Helly-type problems with Imre Bárány, and Statistical aspects of quantum supremacy experiments with Yosi … Continue reading

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Mathematical news to cheer you up

1.  Anna Kiesenhofer, a PhD mathematician researching PDEs at Ecole Polytechnique Federale Lausanne (EPFL), won the gold medal in the women’s bicycle road race at the Olympics. Here are two trivia question: a) Which hero of a recent post over … Continue reading

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