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Basic Notions Seminar is Back! Helly Type Theorems and the Cascade Conjecture

Kazhdan’s Basic Notion Seminar is back! The “basic notion seminar” is an initiative of David Kazhdan who joined the Hebrew University math department  around 2000. People give series of lectures about basic mathematics (or not so basic at times). Usually, speakers do … Continue reading

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From Oberwolfach: The Topological Tverberg Conjecture is False

The topological Tverberg conjecture (discussed in this post), a holy grail of topological combinatorics, was refuted! The three-page paper “Counterexamples to the topological Tverberg conjecture” by Florian Frick gives a brilliant proof that the conjecture is false. The proof is … Continue reading

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Around Borsuk’s Conjecture 3: How to Save Borsuk’s conjecture

Borsuk asked in 1933 if every bounded set K of diameter 1 in can be covered by d+1 sets of smaller diameter. A positive answer was referred to as the “Borsuk Conjecture,” and it was disproved by Jeff Kahn and me in 1993. … Continue reading

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A Weak Form of Borsuk Conjecture

Problem: Let P be a polytope in with n facets. Is it always true that P can be covered by n sets of smaller diameter?   I also asked this question over mathoverflow, with some background and motivation.

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Around Borsuk’s Conjecture 1: Some Problems

Greetings to all! Karol Borsuk conjectured in 1933 that every bounded set in can be covered by sets of smaller diameter. In a previous post I described the counterexample found by Jeff Kahn and me. I will devote a few posts … Continue reading

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The Combinatorics of Cocycles and Borsuk’s Problem.

Cocycles Definition:  A -cocycle is a collection of -subsets such that every -set contains an even number of sets in the collection. Alternative definition: Start with a collection of -sets and consider all -sets that contain an odd number of members … Continue reading

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Nerves of Convex Sets – A Recent Result by Martin Tancer

Martin Tancer recently found a very beautiful proof that finite projective planes can’t be represented by convex sets in any fixed dimension. This was asked in the paper entitled “Transversal numbers for hypergraphs arising in geometry” by Noga Alon, Gil … Continue reading

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Optimal Colorful Tverberg’s Theorem by Blagojecic, Matschke, and Ziegler

Pavle Blagojevic, Benjamin Matschke, and Guenter Ziegler settled  for the case that is a prime, the “colorful Tverberg’s conjecture.” (Problem 6  in this post.) This gives a sharp version for Zivaljevic and Vrecica theorem, and crossed the “connectivity of chessboard complexes barrier”.  Here is … Continue reading

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Igor Pak’s “Lectures on Discrete and Polyhedral Geometry”

Here is a link to Igor Pak’s  book on Discrete and Polyhedral Geometry  (free download) . And here is just the table of contents. It is a wonderful book, full of gems, contains original look on many important directions, things that … Continue reading

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Buffon’s Needle and the Perimeter of Planar Sets of Constant Width

Here is an answer to “Test your intuition (8)”. (Essentially the answer posed by David Eppstein.) (From Wolfram Mathworld) Buffon’s needle problem asks to find the probability that a needle of length will land on a line, given a floor … Continue reading

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