Critical Times in Israel: Last Night’s Demonstrations


Last night, the demonstrations in Israel regarding the “judicial reforms” escalated after prime minister Netanyahu fired the defense minister Gallant who called to stop the legislation. My wife and I were in the midst of enjoying a concert and after it ended we heard loud calls “Bibi fired Gallant” and even “The dictator fired Gallant,” and were surprised by the news and the huge crowds of young people, very angry for a very good reason. And, of course, we joined them. The picture above, provided forwarded from an unknown source by Alon Rosen, is from a major highway in Tel Aviv that was blocked for 9 hours. Whether the picture is genuine or not, it shows the anarchist nature of at least some of the protestors.  (We know for sure that some computer scientists were there.) I am not sure if a proof of this bold claim was also provided.

Updates: the picture is authentic see comment and picture by Nir Sochen below; I saw it myself (no proof in the shoulders); Some undocumented reports on street graffiti NP \ne P from protest in Jerusalem the same day;  A post about the protestor’s computational complexity worldview and what it means at SO.

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10 Responses to Critical Times in Israel: Last Night’s Demonstrations

  1. Gil Kalai says:

    Update: The authenticity of the pictures have now been confirmed. Here is apicture taken by Nir Sochen

  2. Nicholas Read says:

    Stay safe Gil.

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  3. Craig says:

    I bet if you surveyed the protesters who were familiar with CS, a lot more would believe that P=NP than supporters of Bibi’s government who were familiar with CS. This is all related to Thomas Sowell’s unconstrained vision vs constrained vision of the world.

    • Gil Kalai says:

      This is interesting, Craig. (I heard a little about Sowell but not about this theory). Would you regard Bibi’s supporters (or right in general) as “constrained”? And how does it relate with NP=P?

      • Craig says:

        Lefties tend to see the world in an optimistic way (unconstrained vision as Sowell describes it). Righties tend to see the world in a more pessimistic way (constrained vision).

        P=NP is the ultimate unconstrained vision of our world, that as long as we can potentially understand something, we human beings can figure it out.

        P != NP is the ultimate constrained vision – we cannot figure out stuff even if the answer is right in front of our face hidden in plain sight.

        P != NP is you need oracles (i.e., God) to help us figure stuff out. P=NP is we can do it on our own without God.

      • Gil Kalai says:

        This is an amusing connection. In any case the reasonable point of view (in my opinion) is that P is different from NP and everything we can figure out is represented by P. (No oracles of any kind are relevant to our lives and activities.) The relevance of NP hard problem to human problem solver is just as a metaphor.

        See also this post:

  4. mitchellporter says:

    How quickly politics changes:

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