ICM 2018 at Rio, ICM Trivia Questions, the Sao Paulo General Assembly Meeting, and Other Excitements

ICM-trivia questions

You can test yourself in the questions below and then look at the Wikipedea article for the answers.

Mondial – scale excitements are here again!

Not since the Mondial’s final match between France and Croatia,  has an excitement of this magnitude been witnessed here. On Wednesday August 1,  at 14:30 Jerusalem time, mathematics fans will fill bars, restaurants and the beaches, and view on large screens the exciting opening ceremonies of ICM 2018. Well, perhaps not quite like that, but you can all watch the opening ceremony (8:30 Rio Time, August 1, 2018) in this link http://www.icm2018.org/ . (For the actual talks in real time you need to go to Rio, but I was told that  videotaped lectures will be available shortly afterwards.)  I am very proud that essentially I never knew in advance the identity of prize winners (except twice but I had a good excuse both times).

I asked quite a few people for advice about my talk and Tammy Ziegler mentioned to me that she heard many excellent plenary talks and that Etienne Ghys’ talk stood out among them all.  Let me share with you the link to Ghys’ 2006 lecture http://www.icm2006.org/video/ – session four.

My own lecture is scheduled for the last day of the meeting, Thursday August 9, 8:30-9:30.

Saint Petersburg will host ICM 2022

I dont know the answers to other exciting questions like “will Tim Gowers’s blog from Rio 2018” as he did in ICM 2010 and ICM 2014? Here is, for example,  Tim’s beautiful post on Arthur’s plenary lecture.  This post mentioned France’s bid for ICM2022, and indeed the choice was between two great cities Paris and Saint Petersburg. Earlier this evening the ICM2018 Facebook posted the following:

This was followed 20 minutes later by this post

This, and other important matters are being decided in the IMU general assembly in Sao Paulo as we speak.


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