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Anat Lotan: Who is Gina II, My Own Shocking Revelation

Who’s Gina? (Part 2): My Own Shocking Revelation

By: Anat Lotan

It was one of those typically hot Israeli end-of-August days; a scorching summer morning, where you have to convince yourself that the cool breezes of autumn are just around the corner.

 To escape the unbearable humidity of the coastal area, I decided to treat myself to a visit to Jerusalem. My cause for excitement was twofold: not only would I enjoy the sites and atmosphere of this beautiful city, but this impromptu visit would also be the perfect opportunity to meet with dear Prof. Gil Kalai, the mastermind behind these very pages, a man who boldly followed Gina’s adventures through cyberspace, and who cleverly pieced them together into a highly entertaining book. 

Little did I know, however, that this would not be just another visit to Jerusalem, or that this seemingly typical summer day would turn out to be anything but typical. Indeed, it was to be a memorable day of SHOCKING REVELATIONS!

 Shortly after arriving at the Hebrew University’s scenic Givat Ram campus, I made my way to Prof. Kalai’s office. After we exchanged pleasantries and discussed our respective summers, our conversation naturally turned to Gina’s Adventures. Gil had recently added the book to his blog, and he shared with me some of the most notable and amusing comments that had been posted in reaction to the book.

Laughing, Gil told me that one of the bloggers had even “accused” him of being Gina. This comment prompted me to ask if the “real” Gina had, in fact, attempted to contact Gil – it only seemed natural that she would have something to say to the man who had so blatantly “outed” her.

 I’m not sure I recall Gil’s precise response to my question. Whatever it was Continue reading

Anat Lotan: Who is Gina I

Several people asked me to explain who is Gina, the hero of my book “Gina says:  Adventures in the Blogosphere String War.” There was a chapter written by Anat Lotan about who Gina is.  And in view of the comments Anat wrote a new chapter about Gina.  Here are two posts with the two chapters.     


 Who is Gina?

As seen by Anat Lotan    


Perhaps it’s time to say a few words about our fearless Master of Ceremonies in cyberspace – Gina. 

35 years of age, Gina is of Greek and Polish descent.  Born in the quaint island of Crete, she currently resides in the USA, in quiet and somewhat uneventful Wichita, Kansas. Gina has a B.Sc in Mathematics (from the University of Athens, with Honors), and a Master’s Degree in Psychology (from the University of Florence, with Honors).   

Currently in-between jobs (her last job was working with underprivileged children), she has a lot of free time on her hands, which gives her ample opportunities to roam the blogosphere.    

Forever the proud Grecian, Gina is the happy owner of Papa, her beloved pet tomcat, named after “that dear man”, Christos Dimitriou Papakyriakopoulos, Continue reading